Throw Together Super Simple Super Bowl Snacks in a Rush

04 Feb Throw Together Super Simple Super Bowl Snacks in a Rush

This weekend’s lineup:

Touchdown Tart

Fingerling Potato Skins

A few items from the market

Super Bowl Snack Supermarket Basket

Some coaching from the sidelines

Sydne George whips up Super Bowl Snacks on KRTV

Game plan for success:

Touchdown Tart


1 sheet puff pastry (from a 17.3-ounce package frozen puff pastry), thawed according to instructions on package
½ cup coarsely chopped walnuts, toasted
¼ cup butter, melted
2 Bartlett pears, cored and sliced into thin slices
5 ounces crumbled Gorgonzola cheese

Preheat oven to 350°.
Spread walnuts on baking sheet and toast in preheated oven for eight to 10 minutes, until lightly toasted.
Remove from oven and cool.
Increase oven temperature to 400°.
Roll puff pastry out on lightly floured board to make a 13-by-15-inch rectangle.
Fold ½-inch in on all sides and press to seal, making a border. Transfer prepared crust to baking sheet.
Brush melted butter all over crust, pressing border in to seal. Arrange pear slices in rows across crust.
Top with crumbled Gorgonzola and toasted walnuts.
Bake in 400° oven for 20 to 25 minutes, until crust is lightly browned and cheese is melted.
Slice into 2-by-3-inch slices and serve. Makes 26 to 28 slices.

Fingerling Potato Skins


24-ounce bag fingerling potatoes*
 ¼ olive oil
 ½ pound wedge of brie cheese, cut in 1-inch cubes
 2 tbsp. shallots, finely minced

Preheat oven to 450°. Wash and dry potatoes. Slice in half lengthwise.
Using a melon baller, careful­ly remove one scoop of potato from the inside of each potato half. (Save potato scoops for making mashed potatoes, soup or other later use, if desired).
Arrange potato skins on bak­ing sheet in single layer, skin side down. Brush potato skins with olive oil and bake on mid­dle rack of preheated oven for seven minutes.
Remove from oven and turn potato skins over, skin side down, and continue baking for an additional seven minutes.
Decrease oven temperature to 350°. Remove pan from oven, turn potato skins scoop side up and fill each with one brie cube and sprinkle with minced shal­lots.
Return skins to oven to melt cheese and warm briefly before serving. Serves eight.
*Green Giant Klondike Fin­gerlings can be found in the produce section of Albertsons.


Sydne George is a recipe developer, food journalist and food photographer. She writes a weekly food column called “Special of the day” and a monthly recipe makeover feature called “Recipe Redux: Still delicious, now more nutritious” in the Your Health supplement. Her food writing and recipes are archived at
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