15 Aug Special of the day: This week’s celebrity chef: Mario Batali

[caption id="attachment_2204" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="Italian meatballs simmering in the sauce"][/caption]           According to Mario Batali, “There are two kinds of people in the world: Italians and those who want to be Italian.” And since a great number of the participants in his “Italian Sunday Supper” seminar...

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08 Aug Special of the day: Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello

[caption id="attachment_2193" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="Michael Chiarello"][/caption]            Michael Chiarello’s first love may be cooking, but spend just an hour with him, and you’ll soon discover his passion for people is not far behind. A generous sprinkling of funny family stories throughout his “Spain: An Italian Chef’s...

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Louisiana Lettuce Wrap

25 Jul Special of the day: Celebrity Chef: Emeril Lagasse

[caption id="attachment_2149" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="Emeril Lagasse"][/caption] Much milder mannered than we had expected, Emeril Lagasse played the role of soulful sage more than BAM! BAM! Kick-it-up-a-notch man during his Sizzling Skillet cooking demonstration at the Food and Wine Classic in Aspen in June. But what a...

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18 Apr Special of the day: Gourmet Goodies for a Weekend Getaway

[caption id="attachment_1840" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="Gourmet goodies ready to go!"][/caption] A gracious guest never shows up empty-handed, and gifts from the kitchen are always special, I think.   Our invitation for a weekend away at a good friend’s cabin got me cooking up some ideas on what we...

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04 Apr Special of the day: The Beauty of Blanching Fresh Vegetables

[caption id="attachment_1801" align="aligncenter" width="528" caption="Beautifully Blanched Asparagus Tips with Dill Dip"][/caption] Every season ushers in a new cast of fresh vegetables stepping out for all to enjoy. Spring for me sings of tiny tender asparagus tips, crunchy sugar snap peas and fragrant fresh basil leaves, all...

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